Happy Friday! You may go to a church camp or church on a Sunday and you may feel this fire!!! I want to say that the fire you feel won’t stay lit like you just felt it. I say that not to discourage you but to challenge you. To challenge you to keep working to keep the fire burning! If you wake up and don’t fulfill your relationship with the Lord the fire will burn out and that’s why you have to be able to give everything to the Lord because when you do that fire will never go out! The times your on fire for God is the times the devil sees you more and tries to get in your head more than ever. If you continue coming to God those lies of the devil will burn in your fire and that fire for the Lord will grow stronger! Stay strong in the relationship with the Lord and He will provide and fulfill for your fire! He has the gasoline and the flames all you have to do is add the wood! If you keep the same piece if wood in the fire and never continue to try to build the fire, that wood will burn out! Keep filling your fire because when you do the Lord will fill your heart.

Ainsley Markou

Insta: DLB_dontlookback