Hey y’all! I know that I always say have a great day. I love saying that the things that happen in a day doesn’t get to ruin your day, the power is up to you! When you think of the negative in a day, renew your mind and begin to start thinking if the positive.

You know yesterday let me tell you, my day was back to back to back with things just going so wrong. In the moment of each problem I just thought to myself “can my day get any worse?” But it wasn’t till the end of the day that I realized that I made every single problem that happened the reason to my bad day. You know I thought so negative about each thing in the moment that I didn’t even try to focus on the positive. Hey, it’s okay to have those type of days some times because we all do but at the end of the day you have to stop being so hard on your self and questioning why. At the end of the stop, sit and think of every positive outcome.

There are so many positive things we become blind to because our eyes are so focused on having a bad day. At the end of the day laugh at the little stupid things that got you so mad at, thank God for creating a better outcome out of each incident. Everyday is a good day even when so many problems come up. It’s just a matter of how you handle it. At the end of the day treat yourself for getting through each problem and conquering them! Praise God for putting you through a day that will make you stronger tomorrow.

Plan the good days ahead and live in every positive moment. It’s time to stop looking at the problem and remember there is always an outcome! Bad days?? Pshhhhh only GOOD! So have a great day!! Make it a great dayyy!!! Let God take the wheel of your day and of every problem that arises, renew your mind to think of everything positive, and just breath. Your gonna get through it I promise! Live in every moment, good and bad moments and know there’s always a new day ahead! god loves you and even through the bad days where everything seems to be messy know He is still walking with you and He still loves you!!
HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY!🤍 Ainsley Markou, Insta: DLB_dontlookback