If y’all don’t already follow it know @genz4jesus go follow them and just know they are incredible! @liberatedmove and @genz4jesus came together at WM High School and created an incredible night a while back. In the video you hear and tune that everybody was dancing to but it wasn’t till just now that I actually listened to what I was singing!

“There is music, music in dancing. In my fathers house”
Sometimes people think Christians can’t have fun because people of this world can’t see fun without a party full of drinks. Sometimes hearing that stops people from wanting to be in the presence of God because they think Christians have to be perfect. Y’all we are not perfect and nobody but Jesus is! Jesus died on the cross for we could be forgiven and presented at faultless but we are human and so there’s no way we can be perfect. There is music in the fathers house because the world may bring you a temporary happiness but God gives you an eternal joy! The joy that He gives you doesn’t need drinks to get you dancing, just feeling the love of Jesus brings music from heaven that just makes you want to dance.  

Christianity is to sit and be quit and professional but is to get up and dance around and spread the love of Jesus! Is not knowing where you are by the end of the night fun? Or is it just because people do it? In the fathers house we dance, we have fun, we live life! We have a life on this world for 2 reasons. 1.) God has a purpose for us and for us to go and spread His word! 2.) To live life and have fun but all through Jesus! Jesus doesn’t bring us materialistic things because He wants us to be able to dance around in the middle of the street without and care and tell complete strangers what joy the Lord has brought. Loving Jesus brings us a peace, strength, joy, and confidence that the world could never give us.

The joy God gives us isn’t like having fun and waking up sick because of all the parting, drugs, and drinks you were around but the joy God gives us is a every second, every hour, every month kinda joy that never fades and never makes us sick! So get up and dance with me because there is MUSIC IN DANCING and it’s all IN THE FATHERS HOUSE!

Ainsley Markou, Insta: DLB_dontlookback