Love today! You see someone alone? Go meet them! See someone hurt? Go tell them about how Jesus heals any pain! See someone sad? Go remind them that God brings joy! Whatever it looks like… love the people around you. If you encounter someone rude don’t fight back and don’t say a rude comment but simply kill them with kindness. Don’t acknowledge the cold heart of someone rudely but acknowledge them with love. When you acknowledge someone with love your not only changing their heart but transforming your own. People remember your kindness even when you simply give a warm smile in their direction!!! Jesus didn’t die on the cross and hate the people who crucified Him but He forgave them and loved them before He took His last breath. When He rose again He didn’t seek revenge but He came back with love and forgiveness!! Continue to remember that everyday we should have a mindset of love! Even when the world hates us kill the people with kindness. The love you bring can change the world! Like I said a simple smile can change a persons life in an instant! Be the love that Jesus brings!!!