I have been jumping into proverbs and I’ve seen so many New perspectives and lessons on having wisdom! But there’s one thing that I read on today that I feel like a lot of people may stumble on! And that is hesitating the way of life. You see paths ahead of you and you don’t quite know which one to choose. They both look good but the world will promote one a little more than the other. In that the world is pointing more towards the way of the wicked. The one thing people don’t see when they first walk the evil path is that soon the devil will put a blindfold on you. When you say yes to the devil you allow him to lead you with a blindfold. And when you have that blindfold on you will never realize what made you stumble. The path may have looked sweet in the beginning but once that blindfold is put on, you won’t see the darkness that you’re really walking through.Therefore the devil can tell you that sin is good but you’ll never really be able to realize that’s the very thing that’s making you stumble in life. And the only way you’ll ever be able to realize that the sin is not really as sweet as it is told (it’s darker and more painful) is when you allow God to lead you through life because he will takeoff that blindfold and give you eyes that will be able to see the good and bad of the world! You will know when to walk over what made you stumble and you will have eyes to see the good fruit instead of being blind to the rotten.

•Proverbs 4:26 “ carefully consider the path for your feet, in all your ways will be established.”
When you carefully consider your path and ask God for wisdom He will establish the path ahead of you and He will give you clarity on the exact direction that will lead you closer to Him and towards the good!
• a little advice: when you are not fully confident in the step… make sure you are on the right path! When walking with God, he will give you confidence and each step you take towards him!
when the world and your friends around you promote the wrong path it’s easy to choose the wrong path. So right now I encourage you to be the light and to be a little different and choose the right path and watch what happens❤️
Have a great day!!!

Ainsley Markou

Insta: dlb_dontlookback