Sometimes changes are hard.
But hurting of the heart is what continues to keep me tender.
My pain is actually an invitation to deeper intimacy with Him.
The only great thing about hurting is that I can feel again.
I can feel.
I’m tender.
I’m not a rock.
I’m not a wall.
But my loneliness is an invitation to friendship with my love in a way I couldn’t have before.
Where dependency and faith are challenged
There’s something different about writing a song In my emotions rather than recalling back to write a good lyric.
My cry is raw
It bleeds out
Things are changing.
Clocks begin winding.
Hearts are hurting.
It’s transition time.
It’s time for moves.
Where life begins to loose it’s feeling of being normal.
But at least I’m tender through it all.

Alexi Markou

Insta: keysandkingdom