Throughout last week of tour we asked God to give us His heart for each state we went to… ❤️‍🔥we left tour so tender and in the in between tears became the only expression of intercession that we knew…😭 where words couldn’t even explain how much our hearts burned and broke for each GENZer!

🗣you see… For too long people have been doing ministry yet departed from the heart of God. Making the two things separate. Where ministry has become their God rather than ministry leading them to the one true GOD! Where it’s become so easy to get caught up in the prophetic swirls🌪 rather than the heart of God. Where schedule and routine and even limiting by expectation has grieved the holy spirit and put him in a box.

🦿🧎‍♀️the miracles you see publicly FOLLOW from privately cultivating relationship with the Father. It was the Father finding Jesus faithful day to day = Jesus’ ministry.
That Jesus’s ministry was just a public display of His secret place with the Father. It wasn’t certain days. Even on the Sabbath He was seeing people healed! 🙊It was literally the way HE LIVED… not an event… that was His ministry!

🌍You see it wasn’t the wild miracles that made Jesus who He is. But it was the compassion that BENT HIM OVER. It was because of a LOVE that drew him to see people healed and set free. He had COMPASSION. He had LOVE burning in His eyes!👀🔥 If we are ministering, speaking on a stage, hosting an event yet we’ve departed from the heart of God in the mix… we’ve missed it. It’s because HE loved me first and because I’m in love that makes me want to to stand on mountains boldly and let the whole world KNOW! THAT HIS LOVE FOR YOU IS WILD! 🌊❤️‍🔥GUYS!!! ITS A UNEXPLAINABLE LOVE UNLIKE ANY OTHER!!!!!

Alexi Markou