What if it was just you & I ?
No one has to know.
The sweet and soft moments where I hear you up close.
The simple laughs and the communion that takes place
If when you spoke, I wasn’t satisfied only when others saw my face.
But in secret was pleased with hearing from you.
Was in love more in the secret than ever in the public view.
The secret place where my eyes meet your fiery eyes.
The secret place where peace becomes a ocean and my fear dies.
Where I’m simply entangled in a kindness that leads me to repentance
Where healing takes place in the aching places of my unseen mess
In secret is where heaven has kissed me
In secret is where I’ve seen Jesus
In secret is where abba has danced with his daughter
In secret is where I fell in love with the man Jesus and not the religion and routine.
Oh how I wish to see You soon.
My heart would be better than okay if it was just between you & I
Because you’re all that matters.
Jesus. You’re all that matters to me.

Alexi Markou

Insta: KeysandKingdom