Throughout last week of tour we asked God to give us His heart for each state we went to… ❤️‍🔥we left tour so tender and in the in between tearsContinue Reading

Sometimes changes are hard. But hurting of the heart is what continues to keep me tender.My pain is actually an invitation to deeper intimacy with Him.The only great thing aboutContinue Reading

When the room becomes unfamiliar I cling to the one familiar thing. You, Jesus. I understand why Paul said he’d rather be with you but it’s better he stays onContinue Reading

I could lay here, lay here for awhile longer.It feels like home.Don’t you love it when it feels like you’re right where you’re suppose to be.That months, years and evenContinue Reading

I have been jumping into proverbs and I’ve seen so many New perspectives and lessons on having wisdom! But there’s one thing that I read on today that I feelContinue Reading

I don’t play piano well, but I’ll play for my love. I definitely don’t sing well, but out of a room of people he can pin point my voice andContinue Reading

Yielding to the Holy Spirit is important and brings about fresh waters every time. Yet when we don’t yield to Him, it grieves and quenches the spirit. Just just likeContinue Reading

I’ve learned the importance of being intentional in every conversation. That the amount of care and attention in a conversation can bring about many opportunities. That asking more questions thenContinue Reading