Marked. In a whole new way. To come to the place where your heart cries “if it’s not heaven, if it’s not Jesus- I don’t want it.” Where you’re no longer satisfied waiting for Him just on the earth but you’re hearts cry is to see Him in the full. Where you’ve let Him dig into your heart and allow compromise to be fully cut out. Where You don’t love Him with just your words, but you began to love Him with your actions. Where every conversation speaks His name. Where things can no longer be explained but only experienced.

••Where what was a suggestion to you becomes your one and only deepest desire. Where you’ve closed the door, walked into the secret place and know you’ll never walk out. You’ve tasted something greater. Something bigger. Something better. Something sweeter. You’ve had transformative encounter. Where revival leads to reformation. Where touch leads to obsession. Where you’ve caught eyes with Jesus and you want nothing more than to look into his eyes full of fire. Where routine, ritual and religion become relationship and reality.

••Where your familiar seat on the sidelines is no longer yours but you’re in the game. You know what you’re fighting for and your heart burns with passion! Where you learn to yield and minister back to the heart of God because it stopped being about you but became about Him! Where you’re willing to look like an absolute fool because of the confidence you hold in heaven. Where no thing can separate you from the love you’ve been entangled in. Oh how I’ve been marked in a way I didn’t know was possible. I thought I knew a depth before, but it seems I’ve only just scraped the surface of who He is.

••The more I seek him and find Him the More I Love Him. If it’s not Heaven, if it’s not Jesus… I don’t want it. Why? Because there’s simply nothing and nobody better than Him. I’ve tasted the whole world, but with one touch of heaven I’ve been saved, changed, healed, delivered, restored, redeemed and am now FULL OF HOPE! This is all because of Jesus, oh I love Him so much ❤️

Alexi Markou Circuit Riders