When the room becomes unfamiliar I cling to the one familiar thing. You, Jesus. I understand why Paul said he’d rather be with you but it’s better he stays on earth for the peoples sake. How I always love being around people but for the first time I’ve realized people leave me always unsatisfied, but you Jesus never have. How everything has meaning but compared to you it’s all meaningless. Eternity has been set in my heart from before I could speak. You are the one one my soul loves. To embrace you in full. I can’t stand any longer to see you in part. Jesus, when my head couldn’t find a place for rest, you were rest itself. When My Father didn’t receive me, You were the Father I never had. The best one above all. You brush my hair and walk with me everywhere I go. You catch my tears in your trustworthy hands as they so effortlessly flow. No words need to be spoken. No performance needs to take over. No pressure needs to weigh me down. No understanding needs to always happen. It’s just to BE with you that changes everything. It’s just to be in your grace and trust you with everything. I’m so safe here with you and there’s no where I’d rather be than at your feet. Jesus, I love you.

Alexi Markou

Insta: keysandkingdom