I could lay here, lay here for awhile longer.
It feels like home.
Don’t you love it when it feels like you’re right where you’re suppose to be.
That months, years and even decades had to pass for this moment to be complete.
A full circle.
It all connects.
Bringing it back round and round in remembrance.
“Don’t you remember your tears hitting the grass? As you weep and weep to go places for me?”
I’ve brought you back where you once were, restoring and redeeming every moment you thought was loss.
Yes that’s what YOU promised me…
That’s what my Father promised me.
It all comes back around, back to Him and His faithfulness that lovingly covers me.
I came to Hawaii for more than meets the eye.
I’ve been set here to grow and gain and to strip and wash.
To replace and restore and to drop and to toss.
To have impartation and mantels fall on my shoulders that would shake a generation.
To have my heart set on fire for the USA and every nation.
To have the very things I’ve prayed for answered.
Where I’m no longer surrounded and feeling alone.
I’m at peace.
I’m right at home.
A friend once said there’s grace where He calls us.
I laughed and joked and didn’t understand.
Until I soon realized.
Im at rest.
Because I’m simply in the GRACE.

Alexi Markou

Insta: keysandkingdom