Life can be like a race. We run and are striving for the finish line but we’re so tempted to keep looking back to see how far behind someone is from us or we look around to see the people infront of us. But the moment we look back or look to our side we loose sight of the finish line and begin to fall back in the race. You see, we are the same way when we walk our journey through life. We are so tempted to look at the people around us or behind us because the world tells us that we have to make sure we’re looking at other people for we make sure we are ahead. When we listen to those thoughts we look behind and it was all a lie realizing that we begin to slow down and begin to frighten ourselves as we become worried of the people passing us. Although when you keep your eyes on Christ and you keep your focus away from the world you begin lose the worries of someone passing you because your only seeking a life with Christ. When you keep your eyes focused on God, he builds you up and the lies of world disappear. You can’t win a race when your looking back just like you can’t keep your focus on God when your too busy looking at the worlds figures. Keep your focus on God and you can win any race


Ainsley Markou

Insta: DLB_dontlookback