As I grow deeper into my relationship with God I begin to hear His whispers. Today God put this vision in my head. I saw 2 fields, one had no life growing and the other was filled with tall, bright, and beautiful flowers. The difference between those two fields is one was being fulfilled with rain and the other had no rain causing the plants to be dead and dry. What I got from that was that in this life time we have a choice to be one of those fields. We can be fulfilled by the Spirit which brings us life and we can be guided to a beautiful and joyful eternal life. But we can also decide to turn away from the Spirit and be empty because the devil says a world with no rain is better since the devil will tempt you with things that will bring you no growth. Now that you see the big picture you obviously see the better option would be to have rain because without the rain the field of flowers will become dead. This is because of the lack of life being provided and fulfilled into the field. You see a plant that is being dried by the sun with no water will be empty and dry on the inside and you will begin to see no life on the outside. Although a plant with water to fulfill the dryness will allow the plant to have life moving on the inside and out!!! Now think what field are you planting your life into? The field with no rain where you feel dry on the inside and eventually dry out on the outside? Or the field that is fulfilled by rain that springs life into each plant and shows a healthy and joyful living in the inside and out?

•Let the spirit bring life and joy into you like the rain brings life into a plant!

Ainsley Markou

Insta: DLB_dontlookback