It’s the garden where I long to be.
The redeeming of the fall.
You invited me through the tall and wide endless field to come to the garden with all.
I run every hour of the day through the field for our time together.
My soul skips and runs faster than my feet.
I enter the garden, where it’s just me and my dad.
My tears I trusted the great Gardner with have been sown into dried plants I thought were dead. They now with the care of the creator come alive again. How the pruning takes place, a cut here and there so that my very life could propel farther than where I once was. Where new beginnings grow and new flowers I’ve never seen come to life. A walk around the garden with Him, I soon forget about the day to day of life. I could escape to my hiding place where the walls are 12 foot high. No man or demon can come to the garden either by day or night. It remains the same just HIM & I Where he knows me and I just desperately want to know more about Him for the very rest of my little life.

Alexi Markou

Insta: keysandkingdom