What if it was just you & I ?No one has to know.The sweet and soft moments where I hear you up close.The simple laughs and the communion that takesContinue Reading

Marked. In a whole new way. To come to the place where your heart cries “if it’s not heaven, if it’s not Jesus- I don’t want it.” Where you’re noContinue Reading

Every day I walk through my school and I see people putting another person down. Over social media I see the rude comments posted on peoples pictures. I see theContinue Reading

Life can be like a race. We run and are striving for the finish line but we’re so tempted to keep looking back to see how far behind someone isContinue Reading

As I grow deeper into my relationship with God I begin to hear His whispers. Today God put this vision in my head. I saw 2 fields, one had noContinue Reading

Love today! You see someone alone? Go meet them! See someone hurt? Go tell them about how Jesus heals any pain! See someone sad? Go remind them that God bringsContinue Reading

Happy Friday! You may go to a church camp or church on a Sunday and you may feel this fire!!! I want to say that the fire you feel won’tContinue Reading

Every choice has a consequence! We don’t want to hear it because that sin feels so good so we don’t want to be reminded of the consequences that follow after.Continue Reading

I hear all the time of insecurities because of our bodies. I’m too little, I’m too big, etc. Its crazy how I used to be that girl who struggled withContinue Reading

If y’all don’t already follow it know @genz4jesus go follow them and just know they are incredible! @liberatedmove and @genz4jesus came together at WM High School and created an incredibleContinue Reading